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Week 3 & 4: Cruising the Cotswolds, UK

Updated: Sep 11, 2018

Lower Mill Estate near Cirencester, the perfect place for an active UK family holiday

We've been a bit quiet recently because we have been super busy catching up with friends and exploring the Cotswolds from JEMA, our favourite holiday house, at Lower Mill Estate, our favourite holiday location in the UK. It is a house anyone can rent and we highly recommend it for an easy family holiday. It is a great location amongst beautiful English countryside and old towns, with outdoor activities for all ages on your doorstep

Here is an update from the team of how we have spent our time.

JEMA at Lower Mill Estate:

A good place to have lots of friends, because while you are here you can do so much. What is really nice is going for a cycle to the pool, the playground or the café, or the bike track, or do the treasure hunt around the estate, basically everything is fun. Even when it is a bit rainy there are things to do like the indoor pool, jumping in muddy puddles (bring a jacket).

Sunset from the balcony at JEMA.

These are some of the things we do at Lower Mill Estate

Biking everywhere ; Zooming on our bikes through the wild trees, taking off to the race track and blazing round the course. Zooming on my bike everything looked dazzling, like the best view in the whole world. The wind rattled through the branches on the tree and I whisked past on my pink bike and they sang 'hi hi'. The sky fizzed and the drips became a mountain in the sky ready to drop one by one.

  • Kayaking and Paddle Boarding: Hurled towards the reeds in our kayak, wrestling to get home, leaping into the lake to cool off.

  • Exploring on our own: Getting baby chino’s with loads of marshmallows with just our friends (mum and dad stayed home) and playing in the playground.

  • Treasure hunting: Searching for the clues, scampering for the prizes all around the edge of the lakes

  • Bike tracks and wall Climbing: Clinging to the edge we scrambled up.

  • Jumped in Muddy Puddles: Dark murky puddles what could lie beneath?

Heading off to find the muddy puddles.

We have also explored the area and here are some of the kids highlights

Horse riding at Tallands: Horse riding was amazing, Monday was the best day ever because it was just us, so we spent lots of time with the horses!!! Getting to know the horses and knowing the people around them. We learnt all the colours of horses. When I sit on top It feels like a mountain that was talking saying we did it together. Together we are the best, the first day when we trotted we bumbled up and down and now we feel like a pro gliding through the air, by the end of the summer I would love to be able to jump.

Westonbirt Arboretum: This was actually more fun than we expected. The gruffly was hard to find but we had fun playing hide and seek and hiding tag around the big trees.

We even went back a second time and found great trees to climb, dogs to play with and lots of hidden play areas among the trees.

The little ponies were so cute we couldn't believe it when the sausage dog came out and was even cuter.

Getting to this was the first time all of the family have biked together on roads, it was really fun. We loved the sculptures of the dogs and other animals

Fruit Picking at Lotmead: Cautiously we peered through the vines looking for the perfect raspberry, even though the sign said 'do not eat, it is theft' they were irresistible and we couldn't help ourselves, we snuck a few. The raspberries dripped off the vines and we plucked them eagerly.

Butts Farm: We always go to Butts Farm, the animals are so cute, we love playing with them and feeding them and learning about them, Mum and Jacob milked the goat and there was a 20 day old foal. Every single one of the animals there we adored. It was good because they treat the animal so well and with the rodent sort of animals they didn't let you hold them so you didn't scare them. The dogs were adorable. The lambs and goats were super greedy

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