The China Tour

Chinese Wall, Forbidden City, Terracotta Army and the Panda reserve in Chengdu. All had been on our mum and dad’s bucket list for quite...

Where to go when!

Working out where to go in order to get the best weather, avoid the monsoons and temperatures that are too hot or too cold, can be a...

My Little China Doll

We couldn't leave Asia without a trip to China, but were running out of time, so 4 day whirlwind of Beijing's best sites was the...

Learning to ski in Japan

Despite being used to snow since birth in Denmark, Philip and Sienna have never felt the white powder under a set of boards attached to...

Angkor Wat – on Bike

My parents thought it would be a great idea to sightsee Angkor Wat on a bike. It surely was and we loved it, but it is not for everyone!...

Singapore: Kranji

Crocodiles, lizards and mangrove forest? Does this sound like Singapore to you? Probably not, if you've only raced through on your way to...

Sailing Thailand

Thailand is a popular destination with families, but few, like me, have tried to sail it! Join me, when I sail around Phuket, Phi Phi...



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