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Chris from TripsByKids


5 years old

5 years old and Chris is already an experienced traveler and has put his toddler footprints on 13 return flights so far. Although he has yet to put pen to paper at TripsByKids, his great presence and giggles have influenced the stories from Rawa, Bali, and North Vietnam.

Chris from TripsByKids

Surfing, Shearing & Wine Sipping

29 Aug 2017

Downunder. Far and away. 20 years ago since my mum first visited Australia, 15 since she was last in W.A.. My dad, brother and sister had never visited until December '16, so for me to have been twice at the age of 19 month, is pretty 'bonza' if I may use an aussie term...!
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Island hopping in the Philippines

14 Jan 2023


Pangloa, Bohol, Malapascua. If you've never heard these names before, get your snorkel mask and your camera and book that flight to The Philippines! Beautiful diving spots and turqoise waters is not all the 7.000 islands have to offer though, traveling with kids to the Philippines will take you on a cultural journey and probably not without a couple of insights and bruises that will make them remember the trip! 

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Rawa: First snorkle, dive & dip in b-day suit!

23 Nov 2017

Our second time to Rawa, but also firsts for all of us! Philip had his first diving experience, Sienna hung out with Nemo & friends snorkelling, and for me it was my first "b-day-suit" dip in the South China Sea! 
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Bali - Diving in the jungle, jumping off ropes and living like a pirate

23 Oct 2017

Yihaaa!! I heard my sister splash into the pool as she purposely lost the grip on the rope in Finn’s Beach Club in Canggu. It reminded me of the year before - also in Bali - where she and Philip were climbing ropes in Pirate Bay and were running around ships and treehouses. This time I was 1 year older, and now able to walk, crawl and join them on adventures - here’s the full Bali guide - through the eyes of us kids.
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Hanoi, Sapa & Halong Bay

28 Sep 2017

I was 9 months at the time and was carried, pushed and sat - in buses, boats and trains all over Hanoi, Sapa and Halong Bay. I might be little, but I have been very excited to tell you all about this family trip with my brother, sister, mum, dad and grandmother - an adventure in the city, at sea and way up on the higest mountain in Vietnam!
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