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10 years old

Sienna is the only girl out of the travelled 3. She loved the colorful lanterns, yummy spring rolls and learning how to fish 'gangnam style' in Hoi An. Sienna also has a secret to getting baby turtles out of their shell! - this and much more she will talk about in sections 

on Batu Batu, Hoi An          and Thailand on


Learning to ski in Japan

01 Jan 2020

Despite being used to snow since birth in Denmark, Philip and Sienna have never felt the white powder under a set of boards attached to their feet. The move to tropical Singapore 4 years ago, postponed what became a long lost dream of going on a cold, snowy holiday - and learn to ski! Follow the story day by day, as Philip and Sienna reconnect with the cold and the snow, and try the slopes for the very first time.

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Singapore Chapters: Kranji

24 Jan 2018

Crocodiles, lizards and mangrove forest? Does this sound like Singapore to you? Probably not, if you've only raced through on your way to Bali, Vietnam or Malaysia. But In Kranji you will see the real Singapore - the farms, the swamp and the tropical forests. And yes, crocodiles...
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Fishing, cooking & living it up in Hoi An

27 Aug 2017

Imagine doing "gangnam style" in a basket boat, cooking with a Vietnamese chef and eating 6 courses under a marquee on the beach. Only 5 days in Hoi An, and we still managed to get a fishing, culinary and luxury adventure out of our stay in the Cultural Heritage Site. Sienna tells this story.
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Sailing Thailand

14 Dec 2017

Thailand is a popular destination with families, but few, like me, have tried to sail it! Join me, when I sail around Phuket, Phi Phi Islands and Koh Lanta with my cousins, aunt and grandmother and get to kayak, play with crabs and have fun on the boat!


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Cambodia by quad bike, canoe and elephant

06 Oct 2017

When I tell adults I've been to Cambodia, they always say - "Ah, did you see Angkor Wat?" and I go "yes - but I also sailed around floating villages, went to a lantern festival and played Angkor mini golf!" We spent a week in Siemp Reap, and while many might think it's just about ruins, there's in fact lots to do for us kids!
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24 Aug 2017

"Turtles turtles, come on out!". This is what I sang to a nest of turtles that was set to hatch the next day. And just then, in front of my very eyes, 55 turtles broke out of their eggs. 20 minutes later they swam in the sea.
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