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Philip, 7 yrs old


We are a family of five from Denmark - we packed our bags and moved to Singapore 8 years ago and have traveled the region extensively with our kids ever since. Thomas is 52 and working with financial technology and I, Mathilde, 46, am a journalist. 

But, more importantly, these are our kids: 

TripsByKids - Sienna, Hoi An, Vietnam
TripsByKids - Chris, Halon Bay, Vietnam
TripsByKids - Philip, Nikoi Island, Indoneia


10 years old

Sienna is the only girl out of the travelled 3. She loved the colorful lanterns, yummy spring rolls and learning how to fish 'gangnam style' in Hoi An. Sienna also has a secret to getting baby turtles out of their shell! - this and much more she will talk about in sections 

on Batu Batu, Hoi An          and Thailand on


TripsByKids - Sienna as clipart


5 years old

5 years old and Chris is already an experienced traveler and has put his toddler footprints on 13 return flights so far. Although he has yet to put pen to paper at TripsByKids, his great presence and giggles have influenced the stories from Rawa, Bali, and North Vietnam.

TripsByKids - Chris as clipart


12 years old

Philip is the eldest and the eco-warrior of the family. Needless to say, he loved eco-friendly Nikoi, where he and friends created their own wooden toys in the treehouse. He also loved Japan, Gili Islands and Taipei, where he has been editor of content, video and photos

for TripsByKids.

TripsByKids - Philip as clipart


Expats in Singapore travel a lot, we're not unique. But since coming out here, we've had so many requests for info and inspiration on travelling with kids, that the 3 year-old idea of making this site had to come to life, now.


But rather than me writing how I and my husband rate kids holidays from birds-eye-view, why not ask the kids? Let them tell you what they did, what they loved and why!

Of course, Philip, Sienna and especially Chris can't yet express themselves properly in writing. In the beginning I will write the articles for them, and in time, when capable; Philip, Sienna, Chris can write their own reviews. Until then, you can find information and inspiration, told by them and visualized by them, but written by me.

But! TripsByKids is not just for us and by our family. We would like kids and young people all over the world to share their travel experiences, either as stories (StoriesByKids) or with useful tips (TipsByKids). So log in, share you story and become part of TripsByKids!



- Mathilde



TripsByKids - Mathilde as clipart
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