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Rawa: First snorkle, First dive & first dip in b-day suit!

Updated: Nov 24, 2017

Our second time to Rawa, but also firsts for all of us! Philip had his first diving experience, Sienna hung out with Nemo & friends snorkelling, and for me it was my first "b-day-suit" dip in the South China Sea! Rawa seemed happy about the reunion, and not only the turqoise sea. The soft sand, sea waterslides and trampolines had a blast while we there!

Below is my little (or big) foot. And this photo doesn't do the sand justice. The sand is so fine that it makes the most beautiful sandcastles almost without effort, but it also sticks in your bum, on the floor our beds!

But we didn't care - all 3 of us (well the ones who speak anyway) had all requested to come back to Rawa this same weekend in November, because we love it so much. Here's a little sample to why:

You think I have a good giggle? Well let's see what there is to giggle about then:


I already told you about the sand. But what's also so great about Rawa's beach, is that it's one long beach, with a quiet end and a full-blast-kids-end. But everyone's on the same beach, and there's always lots of other kids to play with, and easy for adults to have quiet time while we're entertained by friends. Well, perhaps I was still entertained mostly by adults, but I loved sitting (or doing downward dog) at the edge of the water, playing with washed up coral, or build (ie. for me - crash) sandcastles with my brother.

Also, when it was Philip's b-day last year, the beach made good use as a b-day card!


In Rawa there are two places you can stay and at Rawa Island Resort (where we stayed) you can choose to stay on the beach, on the hill or on stilts. We loved staying on the beach, last year in a double house with my grandmother and this year in two houses with my other grandmother.

We liked hanging out on the terasse, the hammock and the swing (this year sadly broken) outside:

But also cozing up inside - especially Philip liked to hang out in my little tent, aka my bed (this year mum and dad remembered a carry-cot!). I personally loved the swan-towels!


Speaking of birds. One of the most fun and also quite weird things about Rawa, is that they have peacocks walking around everywhere, and believe me, they're not shy!

Here's one trying to eat the binliner that hadn't yet been picked up from the staff - and they'll happily walk into the restaurant too! After a while you get used to them and their weird sounds, and they get used to us.

Beach is amazing, but Rawa resort also has grounds with volleyball (not so used) and 2 trampolines (very much used!)!!! I tried it, quite shaky, mum and dad tried it, a lot more shaky, but this meant more entertainment for kids, and more peace for mum and dad. Which brings me to a the best entertainment of all...

THE Water fun

It should almost have it's own heading: The infamous orange and blue waterslides that greet you when you arrive to Rawa. They're not pretty, but they are - more importantly - hours of fun! Having watched my brother and sister slide down into the sea no less than a 100 times two years running, I cannot wait until I'm big enough!

And if that isn't enough, there's boats, boards and kayaks you can rent - like my mum and sister did last year:

But, as you heard in the beginning being under water, was by far the biggest experience for my brother and sister - let's start with Sienna:

Did you see how I sneaked in there at the end? Not getting enough video exposure I don't think... Anyway, even though Sienna swims every day in Singapore, she has been scared to snorkle for a long time. But I could see on her face - and on this video - how excited she was - to finally see clown fish - Nemo - for real! And yes, we also added some jumps in the video - all part of the Rawa water fun.

Now, Philip:

Just think, he is 8 and he was allowed and able to breathe under water! He did what is called a 'bubble-maker' course with OrcaScuba, which you can do while you wait to do the real open water scuba course at 10 years old. I think it won't be his last dive - and would have seen him say that, if my mum hadn't pressed the stop button instead of the record button when filming his reaction after the dive... what a mum thing to do...


You would think this section is a little dull in comparison to my superdiver siblings, but this is a very important category for a baby! I L O V E D T H E F O O D is all I'm saying. Because buffets are good when babies (and older kids) are hungry - only odd thing (if you ask my mum) is that breakfast is at 8, lunch at 12:30 and dinner at 7 - push it foward one hour, please!! But waiting, there's always the kids room (although very few toys, but still), the two pianos and the tv next door, to keep hungry one's entertained. And then, make sure you have your birthday at Rawa - when my brother turned 7 last year, they brought in a cake so big that we had to share with 3 other families!

Can't believe I wasn't allowed cake back then...

And one more thing, my mum told me to tell you: She's a bit of an eco-bof, as she also runs a guide to green lifestyle, called Orgayana, and apparently love how Rawa are thinking conciously, because as she says, it's OUR future. I'll probably understand more when I'm a bit older, but Philip, who is an ecowarrior at his school, said that Orca Scuba also teach students at his school to look after the environment, and said that it's good that Rawa do not have straws on the island for our juice! I like straws, but I'm ok with the bamboo ones we have at home.

Ok, that's a wrap! A few more pictures and then...da na na na....the review.

TRANSPORT: Drive from Singapore, 2,5 hours, then boat from Mersing to Rawa, 20 min.

REASON: First time around: it was a paradise close to Singapore without flights. Second time, because the kids loved it so much and again, easy.

ITINEARY: 2016: 3 nights - 2017 - 2 nights.

PRICERANGE: Rawa is midrange when compared to other islands at driving/sailing distance from Singapore, but prices went up 30% from our last stay, so our 30% discount for coming back within the year didn't amount to much.

STRETCH: See Itineary.

CHRIS: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ MATHILDE: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Hotel: Rawa Island Resort:

Diving Centre: Orca Scuba:

Until next time!

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