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Nikoi - a paradise for kids and parents!

Updated: Sep 19, 2017

Our own private island. Or at least, it feels like that. Our own big hut out to the sea, just across from a treehouse where we make our own weapons out of wood and do treasure hunts in the afternoon. The amazing beach with kayaks, paddleboards and a watertrampoline and a big fire for marshmellow bbqs at night. Nikoi is like one big natural playground for us kids (and therefore a holiday for our parents!)

Content by Philip Juul Nyegaard / written by Mathilde Moyell Juul


I will always remember Nikoi. It was just a weekend, but one of the most fun holiday weekends while being in Singapore + we didn't even have to goon a plane. We watched a movie on the ferry to Bintam, then had a sleep in the big taxi that picked us up and made new friends immedately when getting on the private jetboat to the island.

My parents and their friends immedately went 'uuh' and 'aah' when we arrived to the pier and beach at Nikoi. All the staff were waving us welcome and the island did look very cool with the turqouise waters and big huts made out of driftwood.


Our arrival to house no. 1 - apparently the first hut ever built on Nikoin - we didn't get any less dissapointed - our parents had a an amazing big bed overlooking the sea, and Sienna and I stayed in these cozy beds at the side of the room.

We all stayed upstairs and downstairs was this incredible open living room with lots of seating and chilling space for the whole family, especially my mum who needed that, being 7 months pregnant! Our friends was also a family of four, but as their kids are older, they chose

a double room villa, a couple of houses from us. Here, Sarah and Emma had their own annex attached to the house! We were lucky with no. 1, us kids were close to the kids area and our parents close to the bar (that also, conveniently, served alchol-free drinks and coffee!).


Other than our friends Sarah and Emma, we met some more kids we knew from Singapore, and the treehouse was full of activities all day.

Treehouse and many other gadgets made out of natural materials

Getting ready for the treasure hunt

One of the many weapons we made

You could also make a bow and arrow - here are Sarah and Emma testing it!

The bar has something for everyone, but not a noisy pool - that is further down the island.

The island isn't just for families with kids, there is also a lot to do for couples or young groups if they want some peace from us kids - especially walking around the island is nice.

We also loved doint the walk to and way from the pool, as we saw monitor lizards and felt as if we were on a mini-jungle trip every time.

The pool was placed on the top of a massive rock formation and after playing in the pool, we would go down to the pebble

beach here and play on the rocks and look at stones and snails. Most of the time it was more fun there, than in the pool and guess what - one rock, is called Ipod rock, well, because it looks like one! Walking back by the pathways was also cool, as they followed the rocks around the island.

Playing at the pool

Finding mussels on the beach

Our afternoons were mostly spent on the sandy beach playing uno, having fun with all the sea gear and jumping on the water trampoline and off the pier!


After a great long day playing, we would have a cocktail (only dad had alcohol) and a 3 course dinner every night - dessert every day! It was all local Indonesian food, but we liked most of it! And all while the adults spent hours over dinner, us kids went down to the beach, and issued with a massive long stick, we grilled marshmellows on a big fire - the biggest I have ever seen! Afterwards, we would go up to one of the huts and watch a film - one night, the new Kung Fu Panda!

We really enjoyed Nikoi, because there was always somthing to do for kids and our parents liked it because of the beautiful houses built with sustainable materials and how that so relatively simple, could still feel luxurious. The staff were also really nice and the food great (and accomodating to kids without being the usual fried and chips.)

Thank you Nikoi! We'll be back!

TRANSPORT: 1 hour Ferry from Bintan, 1 hours taxi and 20 min. boatride to Nikoi. Taxi and small boatride is organized by Nikoi.

REASON: Easy to get to + the most kids friendly eco-retreat in Asia.

ITINEARY: Singapore-Nikoi return - a long weekend, April 2016.

PRICE: 1 bdr. beach house SGD 480 per night, big enough for family of 4 with small kids. Bunk beds and doubles are available.

STRETCH: 2 nights, 3 days

PHILIP: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

MATHILDE: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️


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May 24, 2018

Etten1951 - ;-) Kids might get a taste for it, preparing their bows and swords!


Nikoi has been on our minds since the last year but we are not yet sure it is a paradise for kids and parents; after reading about Nikoi on archery view, we are convinced that it is a fabulous place for hunting.

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