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A week of fun in Abu dhabi

Hi my name is Maude and I am 4 years old

In March 2017 I went to Abu Dhabi with my parents and younger brother Balthazar (18 months). I love to swim and go to the beach especially when it is warm so I was very excited to go - SO excited in fact that I didn't sleep at all on the late evening flight there! We flew with Emirates - the plane was in two stories and had lots of nice stewardesses who you could ask about anything! I found it quite exciting to go and ask them for snacks even if my mom and dad asked me to stay in my seat - good thing they had a Danish speaking movie I could watch too!

In Abu Dhabi we stayed at a hotel which was VERY tall! I had to put my head aaalll the way back to see the top. We stayed on the 42nd floor so we could see all the way to the other end of the beach and all the lights of the city at night. When we checked in they asked me what my favourite candy was and when we came to our room it was there! Me and my brother even got our own slippers too.

Our hotel had their own pool and beach. I loved it! There were also a smaller pool for kids, but I like to jump into the pool so I think it was more for babies like my brother🙄 I did like the water slide though - even Balthazar liked it and took it heads first! I spent most of my days in the water but we also went on some trips.

On one trip we went to a mall because it was raining and we couldn't go to the pool - that was really boring and I started runing around a fountain to entertain myself. Fortunately my mom and dad found out that there were a trampolin park there so I got to jump around for more than hour and got these really funky socks to wear - now that was FUN!

On another trip my mom and I went to something called a mosque - I think it looked like a princess's palace - but my mom explained that it was kind of like a church (I still think it was a palace!) My mom had to cover her arms, legs and hair to go in but I didn't. I thought that everything was really pretty white with lots and lots of gold and flowers (see... told you it was a Palace!). We just took a taxi there it was really easy!

What I liked the best: icecream everyday 🍦the pool and beach 💦and all restaurants had something I liked! and the least: The Mall....boring!

Overall: I hope by mom and dad takes us back! and maybe when Balthazar and I are old enough we can go to the desert to explore too!

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1 Comment

Nov 20, 2017

We love your sense of humour Maude! What a great story - keep them coming!!

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