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Abu Dhabi Update

Hi there

I am back! If you don’t remember me I am Maude and I am now 6 years old and my brother has turned 4!

We have been back to Abu Dhabi a few times since my first post and I just wanted to give you a heads up on more things to do there since I am now a little older and can explore more. My favourite is still the sun, pool and beach but these places are pretty sweet too:

Mina fish market - We walked around a bit as the only tourists there to look at all the fish in the very clean hall and ended up picking up a kg of large shrimp. We then took them to the end of the hall to get them grilled. While we waited we walked out to watch the fishing boats which was pretty cool! Once the shrimp was done we jumped into a taxi to a local park and ate - YUM🦐

Louvre Abu Dhabi - I love this place because they have small but pretty awesome childrens part. This year it was all about what kind of clothes people wear in different artworks and at the end you could try some of it on! The lucky part is that my mom LOVES the building and the chance to see some of the smaller exhibitions too!

Qasr al Watan (presidential palace) - This is brand new and was just opened to the public. I thought it was SO pretty being alll white and with gold decorations. A guy called Putin was there 3 days before we came so it was interesting to walk around ind the same place where we had seen him in pictures on the news. We were lucky to arrive at a beautiful sunset and then when we left there were awesome light shows in the fountains.

Al Ain (Desert town) - We went for an all day trip to here it was REALLY hot but we still managed to see some pretty awesome things! We went to an old fort (al jahili fort) where you could walk up a small tower! We also went to Al Ain Royal Palace where the current sheik grew up. I took a LOT of pictures there ie in the womens quaters they would sit on pretty pillows on the floor and drik tea, talk and eat. The Sheik had a large tent where he would entertain his guests. Next up was the Al Ain Oasis where I saw all the palm trees 🌴 and their watering system - the water came from hot springs and was really warm!

After lunch we went to one of my favourite things of the whole trip! The Camel market! 🐪There were hundreds of camels - some were light brown and some were almost black! They seemed really gentle but they were in my opinion also kind of stinky...💨

We wrapped up out trip going up a mountain to look at the view of how green the area actually is and stopped to put our feet in some hot springs - TOO hot for me though. My brother and I then sleept ALL the way back to Abu Dhabi (1 1/2 hours).

IF we ever go back my mom has told me about three other things which sounds pretty cool too:

Eastern Mangroves national park - you can watch a lot of different animals here either by boat or kayak. I want to go to see the flamingos!

Dolphin tour - what can I say other than Dolphins! 🐬

Falcon Hospital - the Falcon is the national bird and they used to use it for hunting, here you can go and se how they are taken care of, fed and maybe even try to have one sitting on your arm!

I hope you can use my tips and enjoy Abu Dhabi if you go - I did!

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