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14 Sep 2017

"Turtles turtles, come on out!". This is what I sang to a nest of turtles that was set to hatch the next day. And just then, in front of my very eyes, 55 turtles broke out of their eggs. 20 minutes later they swam in the sea.

Rawa: First snorkle, dive & dip in b-day suit!

23 Nov 2017

Our second time to Rawa, but also firsts for all of us! Philip had his first diving experience, Sienna hung out with Nemo & friends snorkelling, and for me it was my first "b-day-suit" dip in the South China Sea! 


Batu Batu

28 Aug 2017

Sienna loved Batu Batu and can't wait to tell you about jumping off the junes, the great drinks for kids and how her brother spotted Nemo at his first snorkelling trip!



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