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Learning to ski in Japan

01 Jan 2020

Despite being used to snow since birth in Denmark, Philip and Sienna have never felt the white powder under a set of boards attached to their feet. The move to tropical Singapore 4 years ago, postponed what became a long lost dream of going on a cold, snowy holiday - and learn to ski! Follow the story day by day, as Philip and Sienna reconnect with the cold and the snow, and try the slopes for the very first time.

Welcome to Philip AND Sienna's story from Tomamu, Japan - being told, as it unfolds!

Ninjas, robots and a whole lot of cherry blossom!

07 Nov 2017

The worlds most beatiful gardens and no less than 18 World Heritage Sites. Award winning fashion, technology and design and a world renowned cuisine. But when you go to Japan, you discover that, when given the choice, the locals actually spend their pasttime playing. Not bad, when you're a child travelling there, because Japan is also a big playground! Welcome to Philip's guide to Tokyo, Kyoto and Nara!


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