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Sustainable Cempedak Island

28 Apr 2018

Alert! TripsByKids is temporarily changing name to TripsByParents, as Philip, Sienna and Chris is handing over the baton to mum - but just for this article! The reason is that although kids are not allowed on this island until they are 16 years old, this trip deserves a story. And if you as a kid have been to Nikoi Island, you will understand, that writing about this sustainable bamboo island getaway is a must. Because, if you liked Nikoi as an adult, then you've seen nothing yet. Get ready for it's sustainable sister island, Cempedak.

Bali - Diving in the jungle, jumping off ropes and living like a pirate

23 Oct 2017

Yihaaa!! I heard my sister splash into the pool as she purposely lost the grip on the rope in Finn’s Beach Club in Canggu. It reminded me of the year before - also in Bali - where she and Philip were climbing ropes in Pirate Bay and were running around ships and treehouses. This time I was 1 year older, and now able to walk, crawl and join them on adventures - here’s the full Bali guide - through the eyes of us kids.

Gili Islands & Lombok on a shoestring

27 Aug 2017

Gili T, Gili Meno, Gili Air - it sounds like the beginning of a rhyme, but it is actually 3 Indonesian Islands, all with different vibes and personality. With some of our best friends from Denmark, we toured the Gili's for 5 days at a 3 star hotel, a private villa and a luxury hut on the cliffs. Hear Philip's story from the Indonesian paradise, where cars are banned!

Yogyakarta & Borobudur with kids!

Yogyakarta and Borobudur isn't your classic getaway with kids. It's all about the culture, art and...temples. But our 5 days were actually filled with great little moments: sculpting a Borobudur 'stupa' out of clay on a turntable, playing the xylophone with the villagers and watching puppet theatre in the Sultan's palace!

Nikoi Island - a paradise for kids and parents!

20 Sep 2017

Our own private island. Or at least, it feels like that. Our own big hut out to the sea, just across from a treehouse where we make our own weapons out of wood and do treasure hunts in the afternoon. The amazing beach with kayaks, paddleboards and a watertrampoline and a big fire for marshmellow bbqs at night. Nikoi is like one big natural playground for us kids (and therefore a holiday for our parents!)
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