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Surfing, Sheep Shearing & Wine Sipping

Updated: Jul 9, 2018

Downunder. Far and away. 20 years ago since my mum first visited Australia, 15 since she was last in W.A.. My dad, brother and sister had never visited until December '16, so for me to have been twice at the age of 19 month, is pretty 'bonza' if I may use an aussie term...!

We spent our Christmas holidays in Margaret River and loved it so much, that my mum and dad immediately booked a trip back there the following year. This, of course, makes me the expert on where to play, eat and drink in this area. So take a seat, relax and get ready for Chris's extensive guide to Margaret River!

Don't you just love this picture? The sunset in Yallingup, with the chicken kebab truck feeding the cars. It was that sunset and a lot of other great attractions that made us come back here and rent at house with my grandmother only one year later...

But first, here's a little teaser of some of the things you will hear about in my story - and then, we'll start the journey in Perth.


On our first trip to W.A. in Dec. 2016, we didn't make it to Perth. Well, we did in the sense that we arrived there from Singapore, but we stayed in an airport apartment and drove straight south the next day, with the intention of doing a walkabout (yay mate) before our flight on our return. But, we never made it, so this time, we were going central Perth and were aiming high!

So. My mum LOVES Como. She's done her yoga at their Singapore studio for years and have always dreamed of staying in one of their hotels. However, unlike many of the Como hotels, The Treasury in Perth is not a retreat, but a city hotel, located in the old post office and connected to its surrounding buildings.

We got there late, so only had the evening and morning there - a shame if you want to enjoy the full scope of what's to offer. Because Como The Treasury is not just a luxury hotel, but practically a little village. A range of restaurants, a courtyard with a florist and boutique shops and...the pool...

Yes. We had this pool to ourselves (might have been because we were 3 loud kids?), and so high up, that it overlooked the Perth rooftops as well as the cathedral.

...Not just any cathedral on the morning we were there, I might add! The first female Arch bishop in the Anglican Communion was appointed, that very Sunday morning, in this church, attracting fellow bishops from all over the world to witness the historic moment. It was fun to watch them all, but imagine wearing this outfit and sitting in that church for 8 hours!

We had a lovely morning in Perth after our amazing Como breakfast and swim. Strolled the streets and had a great lunch. But the night before was the best. My mum said we'd been 'upgraded' at the hotel and wauw, those rooms were something! But people were very smartly dressed at Como, and probably this hotel was not the most obvious choice for a family. But to experience it for one night, was good enough for my mum, and good enough for us ;-) Besides, they were so nice to us and had even got me a Scandinavian cot, which I thought was very thoughtful.

Penguin Island

On our way to Margaret River on our first visit, we paid Penguin Island outside Rockingham a visit. An island that inhabits 1200 (very shy) wild penguins.

We travelled by boat from Rockingham and when you arrive to the island, it's time to go hunting for penguins. OR, you can just go in here and be sure to to see them.

Because, they are not easy to find. They hide from all the masses and you have to look under bushes or little corners, OR...under the steps. Sienna found this little one sitting there and when the rumour spread, it was probably the most instagram'med penguin that day!

Penguin Island is in a beautiful spot and the boatride is nice - just don't get too disappointed if the 1200 penguins have done a runner, when you get there!

Dolphin swimming

As you drive down further towards Margaret River, you will also make your way past Bunbury and your chance to swim with dolphins!

If you saw the video above, you might have noticed that my mum, dad, Philip and Sienna were all dressed up in wetsuits, ready to enter the water with the dolphins. However, as it was the day after Christmas, people in Bunbury had the day off and were spending it sailing out of the port. The dolphins loved that - as they could follow the boat as it went in and out! However, this meant, that we could not join them (not allowed to swim at the harbour entry and exit points), but we could watch then very close. I had a nice nap in my pram in the rocking boat, so I wasn't that bothered - but I think the others would have liked to swim with them. It happens rarely, so a good tip, is to go when Bunbury isn't on holiday and distracting the dolphins :-)

Cape Naturaliste

We made it the 3 hour drive down south, and on our fist time in the Margaret River region, we stayed at Bunker Bay, very close to Cape Naturaliste.

Up at this point is a lighthouse, where you can choose to join a tour, or like us walk around the point If you here in October-November, you'll be lucky to see whales along this shore! Our walk was a little long for my brother and sister, but mostly because of the cattle flies that get to you at this time of year (December) - they like your eyes and nostrils, which is slightly annoying. We bought nets to wear over our heads, but decided that our trip the following year, would be in Februar.... when all the flies were gone!

We came back to the Cape on our second trip, no flies, and I was big enough to see it from above! If you're bigger than me and have quick feet - you can actually walk the coast all the way from the north to the south - my mum says she'd like to do that, when we're a bit bigger. We'll see about that...


On our first visit, we stayed at the Pullman Bunker Bay Resort. We were late in in booking, so had one room for the five of us, but in a little house close to our friends, who were also there! We managed with the space, and had a great little kitchenette, where mum could wash all my bottles and store the babyfood in the fridge.

The hotel is not on the beach as such, but you only have to walk down a designated pathway and you arrive to this. 100% pure turquoise water and amazing sand for me to play in - although first time around I was mostly in my little beach tent, but the second time I was chilling with my bro on the towels.

Breakfast was included on the hotel, but we still sneaked off for breakfast at the neighbor's - Bunkers Beach House once in a while. We looooved the food and the atmosphere there, so much that we went back several times for our second visit + we had our New Years drinks there for 2016.

Having friends there was great. Philip has known Carla since his pre-school in Denmark and they happened to move to Singapore the same time as us. We had a few meals together, beached it, wined it, but also did our own thing - I think both Philip and Sienna + mum and dad really enjoyed that mix!

Here you can see the pathway + my mum's coffee on the 1st of January ;-)

Here I am watching Sienna and Philip mess about by the pool. Our first time in W.A. was odd. we arrived at 12 degrees celcius and left when it was 32! In only 10 days the temperature went up 20 degrees, which meant pool and beach time - but also flies-time!

I loved Bunker Bay beach, and if it's the first beach you see, you can't imagine it to get any better. But that's only because you don't know what this coastline has to offer...


My first time in Yallingup was in this sling, when mum, Sienna and I went to the beach to see Philip surf. We quickly realised, that not only does Yallingup have a beautiful beach, but it has so much to offer for kids.

This playground for example, Philip and Sienna spent hours on it the first time we were here and when we came back, I was on the swing non-stop.

And then, there was Shaana. My mum picked out this café very quickly at our first stop in Yallingup.

The food, the coffee, the surfer vibe and the colourful 2nd floor, that was converted into a yoga shala at our return in 2018.

So, as we loved the beach, the playground and Shaana so much, mum and decided, that for our return, we were going to stay just here. Yes, ok, our view is not only the sea, but also a parking lot, but we had Shaana in the same row of houses, we were 10 metres from the playground and 10 metres from the beach.

Me and gran approved. We'd rented the house through Exclusive Escapes who manage about 3 of them, and the remaining 7 are available through Yallingup Beach Resort.

We had 3 rooms, one with 4 bunkbeds, 2 bathrooms, a big living space/open kitchen, a terrase with a garden and a balcony.

We could watch the sunset from our balcony, but we loved coming down to the grass area by the playground and the beach to hang out with others.

This is the view from here.

And this from our house. I think Philip was even tempted to drink wine, it was so cozy.

I wasn't just tempted, as you can see...


Surfing is great at Yallingup, there was even a competition while we there, but if you're a beginner, and waves are a lot bigger than here... want to go to Smith's Beach next door. This is where Philip had lessons on our first time out here.

He loved it, and didn't know about any sharks, so also carefree. On our second trip, we'd been warned about shark attacks just prior, so Philip and dad were less keen :-/

Moving on to the next cove next to Smith's, you'll find Indijup Beach - a little gem we only heard about the day we were leaving on our second visit. You park, walk and climb through a range of rocks and then - there - is this amazing private beach and the water is like champagne.

Climbing it was fun for dad, Philip and Sienna too, but I was hot and tired, so didn't stay too long.

Click below, if you want to see our 3rd video with a mix from our trip.

Sheep Shearing

Now, if you live in Singapore like us, sheep shearing is really exotic! At Yallingup Shearing Shed you see the sheep being sheared, watch them being run by the dogs and have a chance to feed them.

When a sheep looks as cute as this, it's a bit heartbreaking to see it all 'naked', but they must get really hot, so probably quite liberating too.'!

The shearers get the wool off in only one piece! - just look a the old ladies holding it!

The sheepdogs are amazing, they can move hundreds of sheep, just by barking and running after them, and one species only - the brown one below, can manage to walk on top of them too.