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2 weeks in Slovenia

Updated: Sep 16, 2018

Things we didn't expect but loved about Slovenia

  • Everyone speaks really good English and are really friendly.

  • So many people here have dogs and they are all happy to let us stop and play with them.

  • Ljubljana old town is so clean and well organised.

  • How clear the Soca river water is

  • Harley Davidsons driving the alps with us.

  • Sheep wandering the roads.

  • That the spaghetti bolognese would be everywhere

  • The amount of different things to do

Our 2 week Itinery:

2 nights in Ljubljana

1 night in Kranska Gora

3 nights in Bovec

4 nights in Bled

2 nights in Postojna

2 nights in Piran

Arriving in Ljubljana

Slightly nervous as the taxi driver dropped us off, 'are we ever going to find our hotel?' I wondered. We headed off along the cobbled streets with our packs on our backs. The Gelato looked so good I thought I must be in Italy, I wonder if the pasta and pizza will be as good? Once we found our hotel we went for a walk and found the dragon bridge. The fearsome dragons were guarding the bridge. If it were my bridge I would call it a panther bridge and have panthers and dragons.

I am excited to explore more tomorrow

Notes from Mum:

  • We stayed at Kollman Apartments: really amazing location and good apartments at a good price, would definitely come back despite the four floor walk up.

  • We flew in on easy jet and had a meet and greet booked through Mozio which was cheaper than organising a transfer from the hotel

  • The old town is all pedestrian, so if you are staying in the old town pack lightly you will have to carry it to your door.

  • The whole place was cheaper than we expected. We had a magical 48 hours and would definitely return.

Exploring Ljubljana

Ljubljana Castle: We raced up to the castle through the trees. When we got there we got our own little device that you put in numbers and then it told things about the castle, this was actually quite fun, especially the bit about how someone escaped from the prison by jumping down the well.

Ljubljana Castle audio tour, an absolute hit with all the kids

My favourite bit was the Puppet Museum. At the beginning were these old rubbery faces in enormous glass jars, they didn't look like they had a mouth but you could pull some rectangular levers and it opened their mouths. One of the puppets was a tiny little man, I pulled the strings to make it look as if he was walking. We also saw a big dragon that you could pull levers to make the wings and mouth open and close. We found a cute little figure that you could open and close the eyes and mouth and move to make her hands and leg move.

View from the top of the Castle tower

Ljubljana old town: After the castle we walked around the market and discovered Ice Cream Rolling. Scoops are definitely out and rolls are in! They got all the ingredients of chocolate or fruit or whatever, and mixed it up, chopping like tepenyaki chefs, then they spread it as fine as lace on a flat freezer surface and scatter delicious fillings thinly over it, finally they scrape it into rolls- delicious.

ice cream rolling man in action

Kranska Gora

Big Mountains and a SWEET SHOP

I wanted one of everything but had to choose between the sour bursts and the gummy bears. The whole shop looked edible. OMG I want them all!!!

Notes from Mum

We stayed in Apartment Katja, it was spacious, well equipped and a great location, only a short walk from town and very reasonable.

The town was lovely and I am sure, had we stayed longer, we would have found lots to do, we had a great day just relaxing and soaking in the amazing views.

Vrsic Pass

As we drove up into the hills we stopped for a few little walks. I didn't want to get out of the car but when mum made me it was lots of fun. We scrambled down little paths like mountain goats to get to the river. The water was so cold it was like having ice drop on my head, ice from the very top of a mountain in the middle of winter.

Then, at the very top of the road, we stumbled across a herd of sheep. Mum and I had gone for a scramble up the mountain, happily I gazed across the valley at my brother and sister, surrounded by a herd of sheep and lambs. Thrilled to be at the top but envious of them with with the cute sheep I raced back down to see them


Once we got to Bovec we headed to the adventure park, perfect! We whizzed and buzzed, we scrambled and rambled, we flashed by like a bolt of lightening ready to strike. We were battered and shattered, the day ended and we were mended.

Bovec Rock Climbing

Today we headed to the hills for some rock climbing. I clambered up the hill wondering what I was walking toward, feeling a mix of anticipation and apprehension.

It took a while for Natasha, our guide, to get set up. I won the competition to see who would go first and tentatively got into the harness. And then I was off.

Step 1, my fingers quivered. Step 2, my toes curled. Step 3, my eyes widened. Step 4, dad got annoying going on about a lizard. Step 5, I saw the lizard and freaked out. Step 6, I waited and waited for the lizard to move. Step 7, I flung my head high above my head and pulled myself up. A few steps later I made it to the top!!! Coming down was even more fun, bouncing across the rock.

It was soooo much fun!!!!

Notes from Mum:

We stayed at it was clean and friendly apartment hotel.

Everything and everyone in Bovec was relaxed, friendly and easy to find.

We really loved the Soca Valley (even though kids haven't written about it), kids found fun in everything and we would definitely go back.

We were here for three nights and could've stayed another day or two but it is quite quiet and equally happy to keep exploring

Bovec to Bled

The car train: it was nothing like we expected, I thought you would drive into a covered cabin from the back and then all be able to get out and walk round like in a normal train. When we saw it we couldn't believe it. I wasn't sure how we would get the car on and when it started moving we were able to sit with our faces out the window being battered by the breeze. This was definitely the best train journey we have ever had

Note from mum: no need to book in advance, the train goes from Most Na Soca (about 40mins from Bovec) to Bohinjska Bistrica . It was a brilliant way to travel!

Alice fell off! The pony tried to put his head down, I tried to pull the head up but it ripped me down and I rolled all the way down its neck and landed on the road. When I landed I thought nothing, until I felt my sore knee and grazed back, then I cried and got back on and off we went. It was a bit boring because we didn't trot.

Note from Mum: Ponies were nice and the scenery was stunning. We had a lovely two hours however the guide didn't engage with us, she didn't even tell us her name until we asked, and her English wasn't very good. This was a real shame and made for a slightly boring walk round in stunning scenery rather than an interesting explore of the area..


Beautiful Lake Bled with a Church on the island in the middle, stunning.

Lake Bled, we hired bikes from our hotel and spent two days just cycling round the lake, stopping for ice creams, swims and picnics. The lake was so cold I was scared to swim in it. The water was so clear you could see the fish.

As the deep angry current whooshed past there was a gentleman spot waiting for you to swim; but you never know what roams beneath....

Notes from Mum: Had to pay a nominal fee to get in but they only take cash. Go early it was really busy with tour buses.

The adventure park was full of more adventures to explore. We swung like Monkeys and balanced like acrobats. We all did our own courses and even mum joined me. I loved it.

Notes from Mum: Lake Bled was more expensive than other parts of Slovenia but it was lovely, loads of adrenaline sports if you want them. No need to book anything in advance.

We stayed at Garden Village Bled for 4 nights, it was great clamping with an amazing restaurant in a good location.


'It was so cold I had to wear a jumper and I was still cold' said Jacob as we raced into the cave on a little train. How far into earth would it take us? It was a damp dark cave that goes on and on, like a maze from nature. Manganese Oxide, copper and limestone made all the stalagmites and stalactites different colours and look like spears poking through the ceiling

I liked this cave the most, I liked it more because it was so big with the river and waterfall. The high bridge was amazing, and it wasn't as cold as the other cave. I really liked that you could see the original explorers path and the old tourist path. I would've loved to have tried to walk the old tourist path it was so steep and went closer to the river.

Note from Mum: we weren't allowed to take photos but I will never forget this extraordinary experience, a massive underground canyon. Well worth the visit, as it is a UNESCO site it is well organised but the kids do have to walk about 4km with quite a few steps.

We heard the horsing neighing,

They we’re ready for the tapping,

We went in for the clapping,

And the horses were displaying

The tour was a bit boring but I liked being able to stroke the horses. The show was a bit long but I loved when the horses got up on the back legs and mum loved it when the horses dances.

Notes from Mum we stayed at Tourist Farm Hudičevec this was cheap but in a good location, clean, loads of room for kids to run round and everything we needed.

The caves were really remarkable and both of them worth a visit as they were incredibly different. The kids enjoyed doing both tours and whilst they didn't exactly concentrate on the details they walked the distances quite happily and enjoyed the experience. Remember to take a jumper

I really like being back at the sea and there was lots of places to eat spaghetti bolognese by the sea. The harbour and old town is very pretty, the sea clear and we had a fun swim in our sea shoes as it is quite rocky.

Piran Waterfront, apparently one of the best preserved Old Towns on the Adriatic.

We sat in the square while mum and dad had coffee and all these people just up from the cafe and walked to the center and formed an orchestra and started playing music, it was really cool.

Then at dinner there was a full brass band with marching girls performing in the square, I think all the town, and their dogs, were out to listen and watch the lovely sunset.

Notes from Mum: we stayed in Apartment Port House. Right on the waterfront which was lovely but quite noisy at night. However the price and location were right so worth the pain of saturday night karaoke

The old town was absolutely delightful and we had a divine day cafe hoping playing the sea and listening to concerts from an orchestra in the square, I would recommend this as a great place to spend a day or two just relaxing

Tomorrow we leave Slovenia and I will miss it, As a family we have loved the adventure. It is an easy place to travel, relatively cheap, good standard of food, accommodation and activities. We have not been bored or short of things to do at any point. It has exceeded expectations and I would definitely recommend it and come back if we have the opportunity.

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