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Week 2: Rogoznica Croatia

Updated: Aug 12, 2018

To things we didn't expect but loved about Rogoznica.

  1. There is more gelato here than in Italy.

  2. The beaches do not have sand.

  3. The beaches do have great rock pools with Hermit Crabs, Crabs, Prawns, Sea Urchins and loads more to catch and explore, and are really safe to play in.

  4. There are so many Islands to explore around the coast.

  5. The people were very friendly but didn't speak much English

  6. The kids stay up really late at night

  7. The tide doesn't go up and down.

  8. It is SO hot.

  9. There was lots of history that mum and dad were really interested by

  10. They have the best mini chocolate croissants and chocolate biscuits.

Tips from Mum

Where we stayed: Villa Anna, it is one of the few Villas with a pool, and walking distance to town and the supermarket.

How we got to Croatia: Flew into Split on easyjet and had a transfer organised which was definitely a good idea as it is quite a long drive (about 45min) and not many taxi's

How we moved around: We didn't rent a car and didn't need it, we went out on boats which can be rented by the hour with or without skipper and we could walk around the whole small town easily

Something we would do differently: We would like to spend a night in Split as it is meant to be a lovely old town that we were sorry not to see, but once you get to Rogoznica you wont want to leave for a day trip back to Split.

What we wished we had taken but ended up buying there:

  1. Shoes for the sea, it is all rocky and hard to walk on with quite a few urchins so sea shoes for the kids at least are very handy.

  2. A fishing net, there are loads of rock pools that kids played in for hours.

  3. Inflatables, the sea is very calm and flat and everyone had inflatables of various sorts to enable hours to be spent in the sea.

Day 1: Hanging at the Beach

The Crabs nipped at the rocks, they jumped into giant shells, their swirls shimmering in the sun, we never knew what would happen, when the magic begun.

Our Hermit Crabs, caught, raced, released.

Day 2: Exploring the old town, keeping cool at the beach and the villa

As I launched myself on the lilo I could think of nothing better than to be bobbing along in the sea

Victory after racing up (and down) the steps to the town Church

Day 3: A day out fishing in the harbour

An amazing day

In a beautiful bay,

The sun was fine

As we hung the line

Day 4: Out on the clearest of blue seas, exploring bays

The waves rippled as the boat sliced through the clear blue water and peels of laughter filled the air.

As I looked down into the deep blue I questioned what lurked below and then as my hands slipped off the rope, I realised my drunks were falling down. (by cousin Tom)

Grab the line! Getting ready to be towed behind the boat.

Day 5: The Wibbit!!!

Today was awesome, we went on a Wibbit. First we swung across the ropes and went on huge slides, and much more cool things. My little sister bounced so high in the air mum thought she would touch the sun, but she just did a somersault and landed in the sea.

Alice bouncing off the Wibbit.

Day 6: More Wibbit and the Couch Ride.

We bounced over the ocean, Screams of delight echoed out as we skimmed over the waves faster and faster. Exhausted from holding on but not exhausted enough to resist another session on the Wibbit.

Today I ate the best spaghetti bolognese of the whole holiday, better than any of the ones even in Italy.

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