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Sydney area trip

When I was 5.5 months old I went to Sydney with my parents and my grandparents. We went during Sydney's late summer period which was perfect weatherwise - not too hot and not too cold to being carried in a carrier or sitting in my stroller. I just enjoyed that my parets brough me around to see a lot of interesting places in Sydney, Hunter Vally and Blue Mountains. They also enjoyed when we took rest in coffee shops, restaurants and when we went to wine tastings in Hunter Vally.

We stayed in different apartment. Especially the Adina apartment hotel Crown street in Surry Hills (4 nights), Berenbell Vineyard Retreat (3 nights) in Hunter Valley and the Broomelea B&B (2 nights) in Blue Mountains and were nice. We were not very lucky with the Airbnb in Manley Beach (4 nights).

My parents found it easy to make food for me since everything is easy available in supermarkets and we have chosen to stay where kitchen was available. I really liked that I got to taste my first frugt/veg pouches, which my parets bought in Aldi.

We rented a car and drove around which made it easy to explore Sydney suburbs such as Bondi Beach and Bronte Beach. My grandparents walked between the beaches on a ocean front path, which is not stroller friendly.

From Manley Beach it is very easy to take the ferry to Sydney Harbour with a magnificent veiw of the Opera House and Sydney Harbour Bridge.

TRANSPORT: Flew to Sydney. It is easier to travelling Sydney - Hunter Valley - Blue Mountains having rented a car.

REASON: Food, people, nature, weather. I had the perfect age for a city/nature/walking holiday.

ITINEARY: Sydney (Surry Hills + Manley), Hunter Valley and Blue Mountains.

PRICE: Higher end...

STRETCH: 2 weeks

Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

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1 bình luận

28 thg 9, 2017

Nice Alfred and thank you for your great tips to Sydney! Keep them coming!

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