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This isn't a kid it is Mum Josie, I am a NZer and I want to tell some stories about NZ because it is an amazing place for kids and the source of so many of our stories.

This story is about a ski holiday in Tekapo, located in the Mackenzie Basin in the Central South Island of NZ

The thing about Tekapo Ski Area is that everyone from my 3 year old son to my 78 year old father wants to go skiing there. I think it is possibly heaven on earth and a great location for a family winter escape, but not many people go there so it is serene, spectacular and relaxing.

View from the cabin at the top of the chairlift, perfect place to relax for a cheeky drink while kids are in a lesson

Getting to Tekapo: Tekapo is in the Mackenzie Basin, about half way between Christchurch and Queenstown, it is about a 2-3 hour drive to Tekapo from either.

Where to stay: Tekapo town is a short drive from the near by ski fields with lots of options, we stayed at Peppers

When to go: Tekapo is stunning all year but skiing is July- Sept

This was our first ever ski holiday and it was a huge success.

We spent all 4 days at Round Hill Ski Area, Tekapo, it is a family enterprise and it feels like it, in a good way.

The kids all got private lessons organised on arrival. It is the most friendly mountain with not an intimidating person on it so the children felt safe, secure and confident, which meant they were happy to go into lessons and learnt fast. We got to go and ski without a worry and have some time to ourselves so all in all it was the perfect first week skiing. Oh and I have mentioned the scenery?

Pretty fast we were up the top of the mountain together and it was amazing.

Top of Round Hill Ski Area.

Our little three year old also had a great time on the toboggan, and did a little bit of skiing...

Toboggan track with the best outlook

There is a little cafe that is full of families warming up and soaking in the view. The grandparents joined us a few days, threatened to put on their skis and enjoyed watching the third generation learn from the deck chairs outside the cafe.

The cafe is cosy and friendly with yummy home made food

The drive to and from Round Hill was filled with amazing views and little adventures to have along the way, we skimmed stones on the lake, built snow men and one day we had to help save a local farmer whose tractor had broken down. This may have been the highlight for my son. The friendly locals and sense of community only adds to the joy of the holiday

There is plenty more to do in Tekapo than just Ski.

There are Tekapo Springs hot pools to soak away the aches and pains at the end of the day.

There is church of the Good Shepherd to visit and admire the view so good that they opted not to put in a stain glass window but rather to use the natural scenery

View from the altar of The Church of the Good Shepherd

The Mount John Observatory is a UNESCO site, you can gaze at stars at night or there are loads of lovely walks that are very kid friendly

Tekapo is just a short drive from Mount Cook, an alpine adventure paradise in its own right

For those less keen on skiing the alps2ocean bike trails comes highly recommended.

In summary the MacKenzie Basin is a great location of a family holiday or a great place to spend a few days as part of your NZ experience. If you want more info, just ask below, it is my home and I love to talk to about it:-)

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