Norway - a great playground for kids!

Arthur, 3, Ella, 7, and Manon, 9, from Denmark tell about their trip to Geilo in Norway:

We went to Norway one week in march with our parents. Our dad is an experienced slalom skier - mum is used to cross country skiing. They can never agree where to go skiing, so the area of Geilo is a good compromise with acces to both slalom and cross country. Arthur did small cross country tours and had his first experiences in slalom skiis with a little help from daddy. The big sisters did long 20 kilometers tours, mostly uphill (without ski lift:-) and had skiing classes in slalom as well. We lived in a low budget bed and breakfast kind of hotel called 'Kikut Fjellstue' where we did the cooking ourselves (we were a group of 35 all in all - children, parents and grand parents - what a blast:-). It was funny to play ping pong-tournaments and play in the snow, and we loved the indoor swimmingpool and sauna (common).

Practical info:

Kikut Fjelstue, Geilo, Norway

We went by sleeper bus from Copenhagen, it takes around 10 hours

Possible to rent all the equipment.

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