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NISEKO, JAPAN Skiing by Mie

I love skiing in Niseko, Japan. This time it was my second time skiing and my brother Konrads first time.

I love the cold weather. We went to Annapuri, Niseko with my mum and dad in February 2017 for 5 days. It was snowing every day. We had a stop in Tokyo Airport and then to Sapporo with ANA.

My dad is a quite good at skiing, but my mum is afraid of falling, so she is just relaxing and enjoying the fresh and cold weather. We had some very good ski teachers, one for me and one for Konrad. Every morning after breakfast we went down to get our outfits on, we rented the ski, boots and helmets at the hotel. We had a lot of fun with the teachers and learned a lot. After a hot chocolate with mum and dad, we went to the top of the mountain with my dad, it was cool seeing Niseko from the top and a little bit scary as well. After lunch, we love japanese food, but sometimes we also got a burger, we went playing in the snow.

Some days we rented a slegde, so funny or we builded a snowman. In the evening we had dinner at the hotel, they had a big buffet, Konrad and I loved having the fresh sushi - and ice cream for dessert. After dinner we went out skiing in the night time with dad, the lifts close around 9 pm.

Niseko is cool, there is a lot of kids with their families. It is also quite fun to drive from the airport in Sapporo up through the mountains and the white trees. It takes around 3 hours. We are going skiing in Niseko again in February 2018 and this time I want to learn how to snowboard.

By Mie

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