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Week 1: Bella Bella Tuscany

Updated: Aug 8, 2018

Eve Daily Update:

Day 1: Milan

So far my holiday has been awesome. Right now I am in Milan it is Bella Bella, meaning beautiful in Italian. We got here late and have only just had dinner, there is not a word that can say how good the food is, we had Ravioli Ragu (spaghetti Bol) and Margherita Pizza for our dinner, it was the best ever. Tomorrow I will write more when we have been exploring and gone to our Villa in Tuscany

Eve's 10 Kids Questions on Italy and some answers, some we didn't get an answer for:

  1. Do they sell bubble gum here (remember we use to live in Singapore)? Yes they do, we've found it!

  2. How many flavours of Gelato are there? We think it may be hard to count but are doing our best.

  3. Is it really the best spaghetti bolognese in the world? We are prepared to try every one. I have averaged 2 spaghetti bolognese a day, sometimes called Ragu. They have all been very good.

  4. Do the Italians have a traditional outfit?

  5. Do Italians look different? No

  6. How many people live here?

  7. How many sorts of pizza are there? A lot

  8. What is the oldest building and how old is it? There seem to be a lot of old churches built from about 1300's

  9. When did Pasta and Pizza get invented?

  10. What do the Italians sound like? They speak a different Language but they sound passionate

Off we go. The adventure begins

Milan Tips From Mum

  • Where we stayed: Heart Apartments Milan we had a big two bed apartment, very clean and met on arrival, walking distance from the station and in a nice neighbourhood, there is even a park with swings over the road. I would definitely recommend this

  • Where we ate: Sabatinis, just around the corner from apartment, staff were incredibly friendly and accommodating of our chaos, food was delicious. Looks like lots of other nice places near by as well

  • How we got here: Flew into Malpensa airport on Easyjet and the got the bus to Milan Central Station. We bought the bus tickets in the baggage hall, they cost Euro 8 for an adult and Euro 4 for a child. Bus was right outside arrivals, went directly to Milan Central and was really easy convenient and cheap way into the city, which is quite a distance.

Day 2: Milan, Exploring round the Duomo

Mesmerised, we stared at the Duomo, thoughts and questions flooding our minds. How did they make this? I thought they probably practiced with little figures on the ground and then made them bigger and added them.

Funny things that have happened so far:

  • Alice got stuck in the toilet at Milan Airport.

  • When we ordered our first Gelato they told us we had to order two scoops. First gelato was from Cafe Carlino and it was as good as we dreamt it would be

  • The mime gave us lollipops

  • The police have feathers in their hats

Day 3: Hanging out in our Tuscan Villa

The glimmering pool waited eagerly to feel the ripples spread through the blue water. The children launched in and the ripples started......

Our lovely Villa Dimora De'Coloni

Kids playing tag at Sunset.

A quiet moment playing Uno in the hammock

Day 4: San Gimignano

The shining sun shone on what seemed to be buildings pearcing the sky, we clambered up the chipped inside. Joyful that we had completed our task, relieved to see there was no more steps we cheered with glory in our hearts. The view made the Tuscan towns look like little ants around San Gimignano.

Arriving through the gates of charming San Gimignano

Gelato feasting for energy ahead of taking on the tower climb

View out over the rooftops of San Gimignano

Rooftops like in a James Bond movie

While the parents relaxed over lunch we decided to do a photo competition. My photo was the best. We lay in the grass with the camera waiting to take a photo. We took a shot, the grass was swaying between the vines like a wild horse mane, the grapes hung so perfectly that I had to have one ... yum

The whole team at lunch in the cafe

Day 6: Sienna

We went to see a terrific Church (Duomo), everything was made of marble or stone. It must have been hard making it. They usually put a carpet on to protect precious bits of floor but in August and September they take the carpet off. We went there on 1st August, Lucky us! Now what was beneath the carpet? It was pictures made of marble. We also saw a black cross in a white marble step that market the spot where St Catherine fought off the Devil.

Outside the amazing Duomo in Sienna

Day 7: Aqua Village Water Park

Today was Jacks birthday so we went to a water park in Aqua Village in Cecina. It was AWESOME. We did loads of rides they were bumpy and towered over giant waves. The ice cream were so tasty as if they weren't real.

We don't have any pictures because mum couldn't carry a phone and go on the rides

Day 8: Tuscany-Venice-Croatia

Today we left Italy. But first we went to Venice to catch our plane. Venice was sensational. It waters were not so sensational because I thought they were a bit dirty. The Mint Gelato wasn't so great, but the Piazzo Saint Marco was amazing, we saw people strike the bell, well stone people.

Piazza St Marco

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