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Beijing Beauty: 5 Day Beijing Adventure with our best friends

Day 1: Visiting the street with Scorpion Kebabs

Written by Alice Lambert, age 6

First, we went to an airport and met up with our friends Orla and Fergus. We went on humungous plan and landed in China, where I saw lots of stuff. We went and had a huge breakfast of chocolate cereal and more chocolate cereal. Then we went and had a sleep. Then we woke up and saw our guide, Coco, ( she was a lovely lady, also she had a big stick that we could all follow when she put it in the air.

Unfortunately, I broke the first one but she got another one.

We went to Forbidden City and saw a lot of things and a lot of people. Coco told us everything, we saw emperors room, and a half dragon, half turtle statue. The doors into the courtyards had rows of brass stick out bits that gave you good luck if you touched them, I touched them lots!!!!!

The Temple of Heaven:

We went to the temple of heaven, this was my Mum’s favourite place, the trees were over 1000 years old, the temple was a circle, it was red and yellow and it had dragons on it. We saw loads of people playing instruments and cards, having fun together.

The Great Wall of China

On the next day we went to the great wall of china, we climbed over 500 steps and it was over 8800 kilometers long, it went up and down hills and when we finished my legs were so tired they could’ve snapped off. When you walk up the steps to the top of the watch towers on the steep steps you could look out over all of china and the great wall went on and on. I think the great wall of China goes from India to somewhere else a long way away but mum says it begins at the first pass under of heaven. It was amazing

On the way down, we caught a toboggan and went really fast, my brother Jacob was in a toboggan with Orla’s dad Tom and they got told to slow down. The great wall was the furthest I have ever walked but so fun.

We also did lots of other fun things on our holiday.

  • We got to buy lots of fluffy pandas, I got a mummy one, a daddy one and a baby one called bobby 1, bobby 2 and bobby 3.

  • We made dumplings yummmummmmmmmmmm. We were in a little room, we had to cut little bits of pastry and roll them and then stuffed some veggie inside, we had to leave them as a gift.

  • We went to a panda house, there were panda’s. They were fat and fluffy and cuddly.

  • We went to an amazing acrobat show kind of like Beijing version of Circque de Soleil

We actually saw someone eat these
Scorpions on a stick

We walked along a really busy street, with lots of food stalls all over and the very first one was scorpion kebabs, we saw someone eat a scorpion but luckily the poison was out.

We really loved Beijing

Tips Mum thinks you may find helpful

1. Our amazing guide Coco can be reached at

2. We stated at the Beijing Regent which was great, our family of 5 fitted in a suite.

3. Take plenty of cash as it was quite hard to get money there.

4. Download DiDi Ap for cabs

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