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Angkor Wat – on Bike

My parents thought it would be a great idea to sightsee Angkor Wat on a bike. It surely was and we loved it, but it is not for everyone! I am 16 months and I enjoyed sitting in the child seat on the bike feeling the fresh and warm Siem Reap winter air.


We flew from Singapore and upon arrival our hotel; Angkor Village Resort brought us from the airport to the hotel in a cool old fashion Jeep.


Angkor Wat has been on my mom’s bucket list for a long time. My dad saw Angkor Wat while backpacking 15 years ago. We went end January/start February, which is the perfect time a year with blue sky, dry warm days with 27-28 degrees and cool nights.


Day 1: arrival and sightseeing Siem Reap town and enjoying the pool at the hotel. The hotel has the coolest pool. We choose the hotel due to the distance to Angkor Wat temples, but the hotel is located 3 km from Siem Reap town. My dad carried me on his back in a carrier when we were walking around.

Day 2: we booked a car and a driver who drove us to see the Angkor Wat sunrise. I was not very happy getting up early and the sunrise was unfortunately not anything special.

Despite we had already booked bikes it was very much worth to have a driver for the sunrise trip since we went to buy the Angkor Wat tickets first. The ticket office is located few kilometers from Angkor Wat temples and my parents knew that we would have a long enough bike ride later in the day. We bought 2 days’ tickets to Angkor Wat temples.

We went back to our hotel for breakfast. After breakfast, we took the rented bikes to sightsee Bayon, Angkor Thom and Ta Prohm temples. It was at least a 20km bike ride and the riders were tired after a fabulous day at the temples.

Day 3: After breakfast, we hired a driver to bring us to Banteay Srei and another temple which a located a little far away. In the afternoon, we went to the airport to return to Singapore.




3 days

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